Type: Bidet Seat

Vendor: DIB

  • Combination of sleek profile and cutting technologies invite you to experience
    an advanced, sensational and innovative hygiene life. All operating functions
    are controlled from a wireless controller with wide LCD. Instant water heating
    technology will save energy which also means that there is no water tank heater
    in the bidet. C850R functions when the seat sensor is active therefore it does not
    have to keep the water warm in a tank ! Built-in pump provides powerful wash !
    This product meet Australian Watermark Standards and electrical requirements !



    • Instant Water Heating 

    • Built-in Pump

    • Adjustable Heated Seat

    • Air Dryer

    • Posterior Wash

    • Enema Wash

    • Feminine Wash

    • Pulsation Function

    • Massage Function

    • User Presets

    • Deodorizer

    • Remote Controller

    • Stainless Steel Nozzle

    • Slow Closing Seat

    • Energy Saving Modes

    • Occupied Seat Sensor

    • Quick Manual Cleaning

    • Nozzle Position Control

    • Adjustable Water Pressure

    • One Touch Release

    • Self Diognasis

    • 2 Years Warranty


    Instant Water Heating System

    luelue bidet heating

    Instant water heating technology enables to provide warm water through the regardsless seasons. There is no water tank in C800 Series. It will save you enerygy. It heats the water instantly.

    Wireless Controller

    luelue bidet wireless controller

    With Its wide LCD Screen wireless controller allows more flexibility and comfort in the bathroom. It can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. It comes with a wall mount bracket.

    Built-in Pump

    luelue bidet built in pump

    A built-in pump motor provides powerful wash and pulsating wash for better cleansing performance. Even if the house's water pressure level is low, C800 Series provides powerful wash with its separate pump! And also this technology allows us to have ''Enema Wash'' function.This is a unique and patented function for C800 series !



    Heated Seat

    luelue bidet heated seat

    Seat temperature can be adjusted according to the user's preference. When the sensor gets activated the seat will be heated immediately.The sensor is located on the seat.







    Stainless Steel Nozzle


    3rd generation covered stainless steel nozzle secures
    ultimate protection from contamination and provides easy
    maintanance. The tip of the nozzle can be removed for
    manual cleaning.


    Other Features




  • Estimated Delivery Times to Australia and New Zealand

    luelue bidet delivery

    Shipping Policy

    All orders before 4 PM (Sydney Time) will be shipped on the same day

    Free Shipping Australia

    We offer free shipping anywhere in Australia on orders over $200

    Free Shipping New Zealand

    All orders over $600 will be shipped to New Zealand free !

    Postage Cost for orders under $200

    We do apply $12 flat shipping rate.

    Changing the Shipping Address

    If you like to make a change on the shipping address, please give us a call on 1300 069 660, we can confirm the the change only if the item has not left our warehouse.


    Australia Post and Fastway are our couriers.

  • LUELUE BIDET offers the highest quality bidets in the market, all of our products are made with
    high quality materials.

    luelue bidet warrantyWe give our customers, 100% coverage for all parts and labor for the entire product for 24 months.

    It's very rare that you might have an issue with your bidet seat. If you think that there is a problem,
    please give us a call on 1300 069 660. We will troubleshoot the problem with you. If we can't solve the problem by sendingyou the correct spare part, we will request you to ship your bidet seat to us.
    Once we have fixed the problem, we will send you your bidet for free.

    luelue bidet watermark
    All of our products meet with the Australian & New Zealand Watermark Standards and electrical requirements

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