Benefits of Using a Bidet


Consider the potential effects of medications used for the sore of chafed anus and genital areas. Remember that all medications affect our bodies and may interact with other medications we may be taking. It is always best to minimize our use of medications by acting to maintain genital and perianal health, and the bidet can help achieve this goal.

Constipation is often seen a taboo subject for those who suffer from the condition, it can be a very embarrassing and difficult subject to discuss .Electronic Bidet Seats can spray warm water as well , providing the user with a much fresher and cleaner experience than just toilet paper . Installing LUELUE BIDET as a natural remedy is a simple, low cost approach to home treatment and prevention of constipation.
Diarrhea necessitates constant trips to the toilet, with the subsequent need to constantly wipe the anus dry. The friction caused by constant rubbing with toilet paper can cause severe irritation and chafing of the skin. The cleansing nozzles of bidets can easily and frequently flush away these bodily fluids, while the natural buffering of the water minimizes any irritating acidity.
Hemorrhoids have probably plagued human kind since time immemorial. Please avoid rubbing the anal area. You can rinse off in a bidet instead of wiping (hurting) yourself with toilet paper. Using a bidet can help reduce the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, yeast and urinary tract infections.

A bidet can be very available and quick to use for pregnant women, especially late in her pregnancy when mobility may be decreased. It also helps to cleanse harmful bacteria that may cause vaginal and bladder infections, thus minimizing the need for medications that could endanger her baby.

‘’Use less paper, otherwise forget animals, your life and mine. You will have exchanged your life for toilet paper.’’ Maneka Gandhi
The bidet offers some significant ecological savings, mostly by freeing ourselves from purchasing and using toilet paper, but saving other resources including water. Facts on toilet paper production, costs, and saving from recycling paper are extremely hard to come by.
The average roll of toilet paper lasts just 5 days , industry tells us we use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per wipe and average 34 sheets of toilet paper use a day .Calculating this out for a year  comes to 12,410 sheets per person . A family spend approximately $238 in a year. Using a bidet makes atleast 70% save on toilet paper which is $166 !
It’s known that even potty-trained children have difficulty properly cleaning themselves after using the toilet. Children stand to benefit greatly from the hygienic cleansing offered by the bidet. Daily use of the bidet teaches kids to clean themselves more thoroughly and promote awareness of the importance of cleanliness.


Care givers who must keep elderly or handicapped people clean and healthy will find the bidet a godsend. LUELUE Bidet trivialize what is often considered to be a difficult and unpleasant task.