Buyer's Guide


First of all, we are proud to pick the best bidet options for you, We do offer 3 different type of bidets, bidet attachments, bidet seats and portable bidets . 

  • A bidet attachment can provide you only the basic wash function. In this case, you do not have to change your toilet seat. The bidet is placed between the toilet pan and the seat. And there should be a tap next to the toilet seat. 

  • A bidet seat can be electronic or non-electronic, an advanced bidet seat is a bliss, those ones are electronic, they heat the seat, water, they dry, massage etc.
    A non-electronic bidet seat can provide you only the basic wash functions. 

  • Portable Bidets can be a life saver, they can be both electronic or mechanic. It does not require any installation.


  • A bidet seat basically replaces your existing toilet seat. All you need is atap next to the toilet and a power point within 1.5 meters.

  • A bidet attachment is the easiest way to turn your toilet into a bidet. All you need a tap next to your toilet.