1. Will the bidet fit my toilet ? 

    Well, we recommend you to click here. We have got two different sizes, elongated and standard, more than 95% of the toilets in Australia are standard size. 

  2. Does A bidet Require Electricity

    We offer both non-electronic and advanced bidet seats. Advanced bidet seats require electric to operate. Please click here to have a look at our bidet seat. 

  3. How long does it take to deliver ?

    We usually ship the bidets at the same day orders placed before 4pm (Sydney Time) between Monday to Saturday. Please click here to get more information about our delivery policy.

  4. Who is your carrier?

    We both work with Fastway and Australia Post

  5. What should I do I have not received my bidet ? 

    Please give us a call on 1300 069 660

  6. What if an Item is missing?

    Please give us a call, we will troubleshoot over the phone. If anything is missing, we will ship to you for free !

  7. Does your products meet Australian Standards ?

    They both meet Watermark and electrical requirements.

  8. How does the warranty work? 

    We offer best bidets in the market however it's very rare that you might have a prroblem with your bidet seat. If you think that there is a problem with your bidet please give us a call. If we can not solve the problem on the phone, we will ask you to ship your bidet to us and once we have fixed the problem, the bidet will be shipped to you for free. 

  9. How long is the warranty ?

    it's 2 years.

  10. My bidet did not fit my toilet, can I return it ? 

    Please make sure you click here and have a look at our buyer's guide page. On the other hand we aim to provide the best service to our customers, if the bidet is not used or the installation kis is not opened we may accept return products otherwise we may not accept the return products due to bidets are personal hygiene products. There may be restocking and delivery charge applied.